There are two interesting columns on serial apologizer Larry Summers today.

In a column headlined “Mob Rule in Academic,” San Francisco columnist Debra Saunders list four mistakes the hapless Summers made. One was not being more like his former boss, William J. Clinton:

“In this politically correct era, words speak louder than actions: You can act like a sexist cad, but you can’t talk as if you think a sexist cad conceivably might have a point,” Saunders explains.

“Summers’ fourth mistake was that he was reasonable. Before his remarks on women in science, Summers noted that he might be wrong and that he didn’t think it was right that there were differences in gender socialization.”

Tina Brown, the columnist with the infallible sense of the blue-state Zeitgeist, goes even farther: men, she says in a column on Summers, need to be more like women.