The peach-colored New York Observer feels the pulse of blue New York.

Here’s a snippet from the Observer’s fascinating piece on how Hillary Clinton’s fundraising is already looking beyond the next race for the senate:

“For Republicans, Hillary-hating has been a financial gold mine, and in an unusual act of political jujitsu, Mrs. Clinton’s fund-raising appeals are all about fighting back against the Hillary haters.

“‘Have you picked up the paper lately or clicked on a cable channel to find someone saying the most outrageous things about Hillary Rodham Clinton? We have! It really steams us that some people would twist the truth or use such hateful language to attack a Senator who is working hard to make life better for the people of New York and the nation,” reads one appeal on the section of her Web site that exhorts her followers to become ‘Hillraisers’ by raising money from their friends.

“By becoming a HILLRAISER, you can fight back against the politics of personal destruction.”

“All this organizing is nominally directed toward Mrs. Clinton’s coming re-election campaign, which could prove formidable if the Republicans find a challenger. The party seems to have fixed its hopes on Edward Cox, a Manhattan lawyer who is Richard Nixon’s son-in-law.”