Inky reader D.G., who describes herself as a University of Colorado alumna, likes our posts on Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill, the soi-disant American Indian and ethnic studies professor at her alma mater who’s in hot water for comparing the victims of the 9/11 massacre to the Nazis who butchered Jews (our latest: Ward Churchill’s Winter Attack, Mar. 1) D.G. writes:

“As the sole female conservative among my group of friends, I was compelled to read Churchill’s [9/11] tirade so I could offer a truly informed opinion. Conservatives are apparently so frequently uniformed or so I am told.

“Churchill offers nothing new since 1972 in this article: the evil, capitalist, industrial complex at work in the shadows to murder innocent children and ethnic peoples all over the world in order to profit endlessly from destruction, blah, blah, blah…. What is most obscene about Churchill’s tirade is that is was written on September 11, 2001. Having watched the devastation, with no idea the number of casualties, including busboys, firemen, window cleaners, secretaries and maintenance workers etc., his first urge was to write about why Americans deserve to die.

“It is ironic that the title of Mr. Churchill’s rave refers to the expression ‘chickens coming ome to roost.’ It would appear (for the not-quite-Native American, inventor of historical events, without sufficient academic credentials to teach elsewhere) some chickens are roosting in Boulder, Colo., right now.”

Yes, and if you think “not-quite-Native American” is the way to describe Little Big Man on Campus Churchill, click onto this genealogy (in pdf) on Dianna Deeley’s Pirate Ballerina blogsite. One of Deeley’s correspondents traced Churchills parentage all the way back to the end of the 18th century and found not a single American Indian among his ancestors on either side. (I did note with some alarm that Churchill and I may be related by marriage; there are quite a few folks named Allen (my husband’s surname) on his mother’s side of the family. Pirate Ballerina, by the way, is a fabulous all-Ward-Churchill-all-the-time-site where you can view his “I Am Che Guevara” photo with AK-47 and click links to his alleged art fraud, the risible rants he’s been passing off as scholarship, and the latest details of his battle with the University of Colorado, which is under pressure to dump him.

I myself think, as I’ve said before, that Churchill is entitled to write or say whatever disgusting things he wishes as long as he doesn’t politicize his classroom. My question is how Churchhill, who lacks a Ph.D., has no training in any field remotely related to ethnic studies, and has never produced a sentence of peer-reviewed scholarly research, got his $94,000-a-year tenured full professor’s job in the first place.

Reader L..M. confirms our special report on “Ms. Education” (in pdf format on the IWF home page), where we note that entry-level women’s studies courses on college campuses relentlessly peddle the message that men are evil and marriage equals patriarchal oppression: 

“[S]tudents are being taught that women are just men who can have babies; those without enough life experience to know better are buying it. Most young people would be better off consulting their grandparents than their professors about the differences between the sexes.

“About a year ago, I posted a message on a board and stated the obvious (to me, anyway): that you need to be careful whom you get involved with and that men don’t tend to respect women who are easy. I was pilloried by people quoting chapter and verse from the texts in your report. (Who says rote memorization is dead?) And two of these people had another thread on the board complaining that they couldn’t find a guy for a long-term relationship!”

Sigh! All I can say is: Read our report. And if you don’t believe the IWF, click onto this column for National Review Online by our regular contributor Cathy Seipp about the huge best-seller He’s Just Not That Into You about what guys are really thinking when they don’t call.