From reader D.M.–on USC law professor/feminista scold Susan Estrich’s never-ending and ever-escalating tirade against Los Angeles Times editorial and opinion editor Michael Kinsley for running my piece Feminist Fatale, which argued that feminist ideology has locked otherwise intelligent women into a feminist ghetto. (For the latest developments, see Susan Estrich’s Message: Go Hysterical and Get Results, March 7.) Here’s D.W.:

“I just discovered the IWF….I consider myself to be an intelligent and well-informed Republican woman in the bluest county of North Carolina (Guilford). Sometimes I feel really lonely. I have put this website on my favorites and have enjoyed Charlotte’s take on Susan Estrich, who I have despised and chuckled at for years….Thanks, IWF!”

And reader B.B.:

“It is just a great pleasure in my life to read the wriitngs of women who truly think for themselves, who don’t buy into the nihilist/gender-neutralist/socialist/hate-most-everything-in-the-world mentality that today’s ‘intellectual’ mass media offer as an acceptable and viable attitude. Feminists so often sound so much alike, are so predictable in their rants and rages, that it makes mockery of the endless cant about ‘diversity.’ But of course they can’t see it…. So they can’t write about the middle class without transparent condescention, they can’t write about conservatives without acidity rage, they can’t take anyone who offers a different point of view without, first, assuming they are stupid and, second, assuming  they are evil.”