The Washington Times offers a profile of “Sex (Ms.) Education,” IWF’s recent report on women’s studies at college campuses.

Women’s studies courses at colleges and universities teach misinformation and give bad advice, says a study by the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF).

In these classes, the report says, female empowerment is a project advanced by casual sex in a world without marriage and male dependence.

But a hard look at the facts, says IWF, shows that casual sex brings scars, not power, and that long-term relationships are more likely to lead to happiness.

The special report “Sex (Ms.) Education: What Young Women Need to Know (But Won’t Hear in Women’s Studies) About Sex, Love and Marriage,” was written by Carrie Lukas, IWF policy director.

“The point of this paper is really to give young women the full story of sex, love and marriage so they can make informed decisions on how to achieve their own long-term happiness,” Mrs. Lukas says.

Although feminist texts depict sexual liberation as the source of ultimate freedom, that is simply not the case, she says.