Here’s an excerpt from today’s Rosie-post:

“i remember not enough
for the stuff we needed
brown bag luggage
semi total food shopping

“money = easier yes
agreed – a lot
but there is no magic pill
my futile point

“disneyworld is not the happiest place on earth
and my whole childhood
was spent wishing for it
greener grass

“kay sa rar”

And here’s something from yesterday:

“takes hard work
to get a new hour
to make it count
to say something
that matters

“like kirstie alley not peaking at 201

“it needs to be said
holler at ya fatties
lets picket – protest
we’ll meet at wendys”

Rosie obviously read somewhere that bloggers work in their pajamas, so she’s decided to work in her bedroom slippers–using her toes on the keyboard. With a name like “Rosie O’Donnell,” I’m assuming that Rosie went to school with the nuns, so if Sister Mary Aedobaldo is reading this, she’s probably ready to rap Rosie’s knuckles over the Internet for forgetting her punctuation lessons.

Rosie, just because it’s a blog, it doesn’t mean you’re relieved from the obligation of using periods and commas and spelling correctly–else no one’s gonna click onto your site.

Inkwell readers, we’ll leave you with one last thought from Rosie:

“heres the best thing about blogs
dont read it if you hate me
do not click in
find someone better
there are millions
read their blog”

Rosie, we promise to do just that.