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WASHINGTON, DC — The Independent Women’s Forum is shocked and bewildered that the Florida court system continues to allow Michael Schiavo, husband of Terri, to remain her guardian.

“We are appalled that the Florida courts have not removed Mr. Schiavo as Terri’s guardian,” says Nancy Pfotenhauer, president of the Independent Women’s Forum. “There is an inherent conflict between the interests of Mr. Schiavo, his live-in girlfriend, his children with this woman, and the needs of his wife. Given this conflict of interest, it shocks the conscience that Mr. Schiavo still controls whether Terri lives or dies.”

“All organizations that claim to speak for women should be outraged at this injustice. Effectively, Terri is being sentenced to an early grave because her husband would prefer her death to a divorce,” Pfotenhauer continued.

“Why is there no outcry from so-called women’s organizations about Terri’s rights? Where are N.O.W, the Feminist Majority, the National Council of Women’s Organizations and the National Women’s Law Center in defending her?” Pfotenhauer added.