I had to chuckle when I heard that Harvard library assistant Desiree Goodwin had sued the university on the ground that she’d been told she was too pretty to get a promotion. Par for course at Harvard, home of the grim radical-feminist battle-axes who have been trying to get President Larry Summers fired for saying the sexes were different.

Nonethless, Goodwin yesterday lost her federal sex- and race- (she’s black) discrimination suit against Harvard when a jury found the reason she’d lost out on seven promotions over the years wasn’t her looks but stiff competition from other applicants. Here’s CNN’s report:

“She said she was shocked when, in late 2001, her supervisor told her she would never be promoted at Harvard. In court documents, Goodwin said her supervisor told her she was ‘a joke’ at the university’s main library, where she ‘was seen merely as a pretty girl who wore sexy outfits, low cut blouses, and tight pants.’

“But Harvard attorney Richard Riley said Goodwin’s supervisors encouraged her, helped her with her resume and recommended her for other positions. For each job she applied for, Harvard received applications from dozens of other qualified applicants from across the country, he said.”

I’m glad that Harvard paid attention to Goodwin’s qualifications, not her sex, when it passed her over for promotions. Now, if only the rabid gender feminists on Harvard’s faculty were equally as sex-blind.