There is hope for those who yearn to see Senator Clinton make mincemeat out of John Edwards.

The former senator, whose puppy dog looks proved less compelling to the American public than expected, is trying to persuade Democrats not to consider Hillary’s nomination a done deal. 

By any reasonable reckoning, of course, Mrs. Clinton must be regarded as the frontrunner for 2008. Not so, says Edwards. “I think talking about a front-runner four years before an election is ridiculous,” tells New York magazine.

Unlike Mrs. Clinton, Edwards is not moving to the center (read the whole item to see just how not moving to the center he is). Most surprising, though, were the thoughts of this former malpractice attorney, who made himself a millionaire many times over, by defending the helpless, on Terri Schiavo.

“We saw the memo that went out to Republican leaders about how they could take political advantage of Terri Schiavo. That’s disgusting. They will pay a price for this in the 2006 and 2008 elections,” he says. Edwards would have voted against the appointments of Condoleezza Rice and Alberto Gonazles and the tort reform bill.