This alarmed letter from Melody Townsel, the gal who claims that an enraged John Bolton chased her down a hotel hall in Kyrgyzstan 11 years ago, is now up on the liberal blogsite Daily Kos.

Seems that the 42-year-old Townsel, as she admits herself, got fired from her college newspaper 20-odd years ago for plagiarism, and then, after she transferred to another college, got caught writing “a review for a local play that tracked closely in format to another writer’s review” for that college’s paper and there was a mutual agreement that she would not be writing for it again.

Oops! Somebody found out about that stuff! Townsel’s account of her relationship with Bolton has already been challenged, so there’s a distinct note of panic in her letter (thanks to National Review Online for the tip):

“Tonight, my deepest fears regarding my pending testimony in the John Bolton nomination process have come true: Republicans have dredged up un unfortunate chapter of my life and, clearly, are about to announce it to the world.”

Plagiarism is an act of dishonesty that directly bears on a witness’s credibility, so I’m not surprised to read this from Townsel:

“I want to tell you all this story, first and personally, before the Bush camp works its special brand of magic — and I would deeply appreciate your help in posting this letter as many places as you can in advance of my testimony. Even as I write this, the Bush team is working overtime to destroy my life and business, telling and retelling the things I’m writing here. I just received a phone call from a Christian newspaper reporter.”

Horrors! A Christian newspaper reporter!

We’re complying with your wishes, Melody, and giving your letter as much publicity as we can. Townsel is now asking for her Kos-pals’ “forgiveness.” This from the gang that, along with Dan Rather, still won’t forgive George W. Bush for something they think he did or didn’t do when he was Townsel’s age some 30 years ago.