“Young girls who enjoy classic romantic fairy tales like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are at greater risk of becoming victims of violent relationships in later life,” a British researcher named Susan Darker-Smith has told a newspaper.

“They believe if their love is strong enough they can change their partner’s behaviour,” Darker-Smith told a reporter. “Girls who have listened to such stories as children tend to become more submissive in their future relationships.”

Ms. Darker-Smith’s study is entitled “The Tales We Tell Our Children: Overconditioning of Girls to Expect Partners to Change,” and it is scheduled to be presented at the International Congress of Cognitive Therapy in Gothenburg, Sweden, next month.

According to the newspaper, her study “will be discussed by many of the world’s most influential therapists.”

Inkwell is hoping it’s not too late to present her own paper in Gothenburg: it’s about how being spoon fed feminist theory overconditions girls to grow up and write wacky academic papers.