“Classroom visits and conferences by parents and other persons in the school community are encouraged,” the handbook for the Montgomery County public school system says.

Oh, but not sex ed class. Montgomery County has flip flopped on whether parents will be barred from auditing sex classes. The latest is that, after protests, parents will be permitted to sit in on sex ed.

During an interlude when parents were being banned, a spokesman explained: “When you’re talking about a sensitive topic like this, and you’re relying on the trust you’ve built up with your students, it’s probably not advisable” for parents to be there.

Sensitive topic? Don’t want parents meddling? Got that? Based on a report in the Washington Times, parents had better pay attention: The school curriculum appears to be biased in a way that even many of the liberal parents in the affluent county near the nation’s capital might consider indoctrination.

Here’s the TWT report on the sex ed program:

“The curriculum, which was slightly revised last month, defines one’s sexual identity as including sex identity, which is ’a person’s internal sense of knowing whether he or she is male or female.’ The instruction also says, ’Most experts in the field have concluded that sexual orientation is not a choice.’

“Also, households with same-sex parents are identified among nine types of families. Next to that listing, a new phrase has been inserted as instruction to teachers — not students. It reads in parentheses: ’This should not be interpreted as same-sex marriage.’

“An explicit warning to teachers also has been added in a section that discusses sexual identity and orientation.

“’No additional information, interpretation or examples are to be provided by the teacher,’ the warning states.”

Maybe parents might want to offer some additional information. Like their own values.