Reader E.P. e-mails:

“I found your site in an Internet search, and being a sophomore in college, the find was a relief.

“But this question is not about me. I don’t want my little sister to become seduced by some of the more misleading idea of radical feminism. She is a very smart girl, and I want her to practice contrasting and comparing different views on her role as a growing young lady. She doesn’t have access to much other than the run of the mill, so I was looking for some young adult books that have strong but moral heroines as the main charector. I thought of sending her ’Pride and Prejudice,’ but I don’t think she would read it because it’s not her vernacular. If you know of any helpful web sites (I’ve done searches) or reputed authors, any information would be appreciated. Thanks again for this amazing site!”

I recommend anything by A.S. Byatt. This wonderful Brit novelist usually writes about young women, and she’s a combination of born storyteller, brilliant prose stylist, and subtle moralist. Her ultra-romantic novel Possession is a great place to start.

Iris Murdoch has all the Byatt qualities in spades–and a new novel The Finishing School that’s all about young people your sister’s age.

Two more novels that might save your sister: Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep and Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons. Warning re Wolfe: Plenty of explicit language and promiscuous sex — but nothing worse than what your sister is likely to see or hear all around her when she goes off to college.

About websites: Consult the IWF’s links page for the best of the women fighting the women’s libbers, including Ann Coulter, Wendy McElroy, and Michelle Malkin. In addition, Miss Manners can wittily instruct your sister in civilized mores. And three women who aren’t on the IWF list but whose blogs I consult almost never miss are IWF regular Cathy Seipp, tart-tongued Dawn Eden, and Banana Republican Rachel Jurado.

Best of luck to both you and Sis!