Isn’t he great? The Dem chairman declares that the Republican Party is “pretty much a white Christian party”–just months after the Dems blow the 2004 election because they couldn’t persuade any white Christians to vote for them.

Now, Dean is backpedaling like crazy, according to Fox News; he’s reminding people that he’s a Christian, too.

Yes, Dean is not only a Christian but a Bible-reading Christian. He’s the guy who told reporters during the primaries that his favorite book of the New Testament was the Book of Job.

My favorite comment on this latest bonfire that Dean has lit under his shoes comes from GOP chairman Ken Mehlman, who joked on a Fox show that “a lot of folks who attended my Bar Mitzvah would be surprised” that he heads a Christian party.

How soon will it take for the Dems to dump Dean? Forever, I hope. Back when Dean was running for president the winter before last, The Other Charlotte and I formed the Committee to Elect Howard Dean–and we’re no summer soldiers holding our fingers to the wind. Just as we believed from the bottom of our hearts that Dean was the man the Dems should elect to head the presidential ticket in 2004, we just as firmly believe today that Dean should stay on and on and on as Dem chairman and inundate his party with that special brand of Dean charisma.

Howard, your own party honchos–from Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi–are tiptoeing quietly as many yards as they can muster away from you. But not TOC and me! We believe in you, Howard! Please don’t let us down by resigning!