The Daily Kos is the most popular liberal blogsite on the ‘Net–so its polls must carry some weight. And Hillary Clinton is supposed to be the liberal presidential shoo-in, the Dem juggernaut who’s expected to give the GOP a run for its money in 2008. So it was a shock to read this (as reported by National Review’s Byron York

“The left-wing website DailyKos has been conducting a straw poll to find its readers’ favorites in the 2008 Democratic presidential race. A total of 13,389 reader responded, and the winner is…retired general Wesley Clark, the newly-signed commentator for the Fox News Channel, with 3,496 votes, or 26 percent of the total. Undecided (or, as Kos put it “No Freakin’ Clue”) placed second, with 2,320 votes, or 17 percent. Hillary Rodham Clinton placed third, with 1,461, or 10 percent. Sen. Russ Feingold was fourth, just a shade behind Clinton, with 1,433 votes, or 10 percent. 2004 vice presidential candidate John Edwards was fifth, with 1,077 votes, or eight percent. And John Kerry? He placed tenth, with 341 votes, or two percent — just behind Sen. Joseph Biden, who won 497 votes, or three percent.”

Who’d a thunk it?