La Shawn Barber has a lovely post today expressing her desire to be a “traditional”–that is, stay-at-home, wife and mother. Although she’s young, single, childless, and self-supporting, that’s not the life she’d choose if she married. She writes:

“The kind of man I’d marry would want his wife to stay home and raise his children instead committing them to the institutionalized ‘care’ of people who couldn’t possibly care for them as much as I could or know them half as well, while he works outside the home. My roles would be godly wife, partner, homemaker, teacher (for home schooling), and whatever else God assigned. If I expect my husband to be the main breadwinner, he’ll have certain expectations of me.

“Too often women say they want to be treated a certain way by men but consider reciprocal treatment ‘old-fashioned’ or beneath them or contrary to feminism. Hogwash. Throw that out with the rest of the trash.”

Nice. La Shawn also includes a link to this essay on chivalry by Darryl James.