It’s gotta end. Please. The current fashion penchant for displaying thong underpants in use and rolls of exposed human fat on the street. Is this supposed to be attractive?

Michelle Malkin points to this New York Post piece (registration required) accompanied by a spread (as it were) of photos taken right on the New York City streets. The views are disgusting!

Here’s what the Post says:

“PEEK-A-BOO g-strings – divine! Runaway bra-straps – sexy! Lumps of puckered lard cascading over the chafing waistbands of skin-tight skirts – absolutely fabulous! Whether it’s thunder thighs bursting out of keister-cupping shorts, blubbery bellies drooping over belt lines or deflated bosoms languishing under form-fitting tops – New York is boldly redefining its celebrated status as the nation’s fashion capital.”

The title of the piece: “Butt Seriously.”

Ladies, please think about how you look before you step out onto the streets. The lard look is not sexy! Even if you’re skinny, it’s not nice to show off all your tattoos. Don’t do it!