“Redneck Feminist” e-mails to say that she did not, not, not alter a color thumbnail of me as a guest-blogger for the religious website Beliefnet (click here and scroll down to my name or here and scroll down to my name) into this fuzzy black-and-white that gives my skin the mottled look of a lupus victim. (See the Mailbag for July 5 relating to my “Why are Airline ‘Flight Attendants’ So Awful–and So Ugly?,” June 27.) The grayed-out bloat-job photo came from the Dallas Morning News, not the photoshop of Redneck herself, so I stand corrected. Et tu, Dallas Morning News! (I write fairly regularly for that paper’s op-ed page.)

Redneck’s point on her eponymous blog is that I’m so ugly that I have no right to criticize the transformation of the gorgeous, glamourous air hostesses of  yore into today’s haggard, surly “flight attendants.” That’s like saying that I have no right to point out that Heidi Klum is better looking than Elfriede Jelinek.