It’s too early for me to know what to say about the terrible bombings in London, except to pray for those killed and wounded in the vicious attacks. 

The Sun newspaper has good coverage, and National Review’s The Corner is one of the best places for commentary, including this from somebody in London: 

“I’m writing this sitting in my office in London working as normal.

“As I look out the window I see no buses, very few cars but lots of people walking on the streets; however, these are not the images of Sept 11 — people walking in one direction out of the city. These are Londoners walking left, right, up the street, down the street, going about their normal lunchtime business.

“We have faced terror before — Nazi terror, Irish Republican terror — and have not been beaten. This will not beat us either.

“The overwhelming feeling round our office is ’Is this best they can do?’ — it looks and sounds much worse on 24hr news channels than in person.”

If you want to be angry, The Corner also features self-serving remarks by former White House security expert Richard Clarke (I saw his self-important mug on the screen and flipped to another channel–I knew I couldn’t stomach him this morning).