Blogstress and award-winning headline writer Dawn Eden asks: “Why Do They Hate Us? Well, for one thing, unlike Islamic dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, we let women drive.”

Eden links to this poignant and pathetic op-ed in Arab News by Jawahir Al-Subaie, pleading with Saudi menfolk to let women take the wheel in that country. Her arguments aren?t simple fairness, as it might be if the U.S. barred female drivers. Nor does Al-Subaie point out that millions of women around the world manage to drive safely and without causing scandal, even in many Islamic countries. No, Subaie is reduced to making arguments like these:

“There have been numerous incidents when a woman has been raped by her driver. If women were able to drive, then such horrible things would not take place. Also because our society always blames the woman, many of women have had to keep their traumatic experiences to themselves, never seeking much needed psychological help. They have had to endure a lifetime of secrecy and suffering, despite being the victim. How can this possibly be a lesser evil?”

Tells you something about Saudi society, doesn?t it?

And then there?s this parargraph in Al-Subaie?s argument reassuring the Saudi guys that they?ll still be in charge:

“Even if women are allowed to drive, they will still require permission from their male guardians. So all those men who are opposed to their wives, daughters and sisters driving will have the power to prevent them from doing so — just as they already have the power to prevent them from acquiring an education or even getting medical care or surgery.”

Well, that’s a relief to know.

Wonderful place that Saudi Arabia, no?