I couldn”t help wondering as I watched Supreme Court nominee John G.Roberts and his attractive family on TV last night: What”s in store for this man?

He is almost certainly too squeaky clean to have his nomination sabotaged in a day when conservatives as well as leftists are loaded for bear. But it could still get bloody.

Ed Morrisey of Captain’s Quarters believes liberals will find a way to inject Abu Ghraib into the hearings!

‘Our’ side should argue not only in behalf of confirming Judge Roberts but in favor of saving a hearings process that has careened dangerously off course.

‘But it doesn’t have to be this way,’ writes Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review. ‘When President Bill Clinton nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, she was confirmed four weeks after the initial announcement, after a relatively easy confirmation hearing. And it could have been brutal. Her views are extremist, unlike so many of President Bush’s various federal-court nominees who’ve been stuck with the same e-word over the past four-plus years. A former American Civil Liberties Union attorney, Ginsburg has advocated replacing Mother’s and Father’s Days with ‘Parents’ Day’ to put an end to traditional gender-role rigidity. She also favored lowering the age of consent for statutory rape to 12 and opposed the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts groups because they, again, ‘perpetuate stereotyped sex roles.’

‘Senators, please don’t Estrada Judge John G. Roberts. Even though good men and women are willing to go before the Senate firing squad (God bless ’em), on national television, and put up with what Clarence Thomas called a ‘high-tech lynching” in his case, senators could avoid trying to destroy one of our best and brightest. And senators ” if you”re up for being especially fair: Give the president his qualified guy. Dems had their chance, now Bush has his. That call was made last November.”