I guess our friends in London were too stiff-upper-lipped to suit the Al Qaeda gang–so the terrorists struck the Tube again today. Guess the Brits didn’t take the hint the first time around and cower like the Spaniards. Fortunately no one seems to have been injured from the three hits, unlike the appalling 7/7. Michelle Malkin offers fantastic comprehensive updates (with multi-links), including this fine bit of liveblogging:

“1040am EST. Tony Blair: We can’t minimize incidents such as this…fortunately, appear to be no casualties. These things are done to frighten people…I think we just have to react calmly…back to business as usual. We hope to get the transport system back up and running…thanks Australian Prime Minister John Howard for sympathy and solidarity.

“John Howard speaks: Terrorism is about the perverted use of an ideology for evil intent…the determination of the British people to continue their daily lives is one of their great characteristics…the terrorists want otherwise…the best answer to terrorism is to carry on unperturbed…

“Blair seemed shaken to me, Howard much more poised.

“Q&A Blair much better: ?We act with great dignity and great strength and great determination. To react any other way is to engage in the game they want us to engage in.”

“Howard responds to moonbat reporter hounding about Iraq. Reminds reporter that the Bali bombings occurred before operations in Iraq, 9/11 attacks occurred before Iraq, murder of Australian diplomat Sergio di Mello (related to al Qaeda’s anger over East Timor) before Iraq.

“Blair reiterates Howard’s point.”

Let’s fly the Union Jack again for our U.K. friends in sympathy and solidarity. They will never surrender.