Blogsterette Wonkette is still onto the nastiest liberal meme currently making the rounds: Supreme Court nominee John R. Roberts is gay.

As ever, Wonkette insists she’s just joking–ha ha! I don’t understand why liberals are so obsessed with pinning the gay label onto conservatives they despise (and their relatives), ‘cuz it’s the conservatives, not the liberals, who are supposed to be the homophobes. But then again, I don’t get the left.

That’s neither here nor there, however, because in her latest “Roberts Is Gay” blog post only yesterday (scroll down until you read the title, “Mrs. Roberts Wears the Pants”), Wonkette lays down the following irresistible challenge:

“You know how all the moonbats are all het up about how Roberts? wife was a leader of ?Feminists for Life?? Well, we understand how a staunch pro-choice lefty might recoil w/r/t the ?for life? part. But, uhm, let?s think about the other part. She calls herself a feminist.

“Quick, name three other high profile Republican women who call themselves feminists….

“We’re waiting.

“No, really.”

OK, Wonkette, I’m taking up the challenge. Here goes:

Laura Bush

Lynne Cheney

Karen Hughes

And just in case you want to disqualify any of the above three entries:

Christina Hoff Sommers

Heh! As Christina herself has argued over and over, you and your fellow lefties, Wonkette, have hijacked the word “feminism,” which used to refer to those who believed in equal opportunity for women on the job and at the ballot box and the right of women to rise to the highest political office if they so choose. Thanks to your kind, however, “feminist” now means radical libber who backs affirmative action and other government paternalism and goes ballistic on abortion. Along with Christina, we at the IWF seek to reclaim feminism’s original meaning–and so, I think, do my nominees above.