Once upon a time, the Boy Scouts were about as controversial as apple pie–but that’s no longer the case.

“The left’s generation-long assault on the Boy Scouts ranks among its sickest, as well as its most successful, projects,” notes Powerline. “The reason for the assault is, as the Freudians would say, overdetermined: The Scouts love America, they inculcate boys in the manly virtues, they have successfully defended their right to exclude proclaimed homosexuals as Scoutmasters (Tenth Circuit Judge Michael McConnell represented them in the Supreme Court), and they take that oath! Given the left’s success in stigmatizing the Scouts, standing up for the Scouts has become an act of courage. President Bush not only appeared before them in solemn assembly at their Jamboree yesterday, he struck all the right notes in his address: ‘Bush praises Scouts at Jamboree.'”

The ACLU, which has defended the rights of the North American Man-Boy Association, has tried to prevent the Scouts from using public property for their jamborees because of their oath, which mentions God.