Actors mouthing dumb opinions are the bane of modern existence. But how about this recent remark from the New York Times: 

“’People think more aid will help, but it won’t,’ said [Minnie] Driver, an actress who is working on her second music CD. ?Trade is the surest way of decreasing the savage amount of poverty in our world. These countries have got to be able to trade fairly.'”

Ms. Driver made the observation at a demonstration put on by Oxfam, the very left-leaning poverty group. But what she said shows an uncommon common sense.

Regarding Driver’s sensible comments, author and blogger Brian Mickletwait observes, “It was never a project to silence the acting profession…. Our task is to change the definition of goodness that actors of sufficient fame ti care about such things reach for when they get to the public virtue state of their careers, to make goodness really mean goodness.”

Many thanks to Instapundit for spotting this.