Coming on the heels of Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan’s savaging of the clothes worn by four-year-old Jack and five-year-old Josie Roberts the night their father was nominated to the Supreme Court, the New York Times has been trying to unseal the adoption papers of the two children.

Here’s the report from Fox News:

“The New York Times has been asking lawyers who specialize in adoption cases for advice on how to get into the sealed court records on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ two adopted children.

“There is no indication The Times had any evidence there was anything improper in the family’s adoption of five-year-old Josie and four-year-old Jack, both born in Latin America. Sources familiar with the matter told FOX News that at least one lawyer turned the Times down flat, saying that any effort to pry into adoption case records, which are always sealed, would be reprehensible.

“A Times spokesman said the paper was simply asking questions, and that only initial inquiries had been made.”

This takes your breath away.

Michelle Malkin notes:

“Well, now we know why the NYTimes hasn’t bothered to cover Air Enron/Air Scamerica [allegations of financial impropriety, including taking money reportedly earmarked for children, at Air America]. They’re too preoccupied with prying into the adoption records of Supreme Court nominee  John Roberts’ children, according to the Drudgereport.”

Bloggers, don’t let this story die–it is something everybody should know about the mainstream media.