Did the preening 9/11 Commission accidentally on purpose ignore a key piece of information? 

“IT’S starting to look as if the 9/11 Commission turned a blind eye to key questions that could embarrass one of its own members — Clinton-era Justice Department honcho Jamie Gorelick,” writes Deobrah Orrin.

“This week brought the stunning revelation that elite military spies pinpointed Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as a terror cell more than a year before 9/11 — but were barred from alerting lawmen to try to lock them up.

“A prime reason why that warning never came is that Gorelick — as top deputy to then-Attorney General Janet Reno — issued a 1995 order creating a ’wall’ that blocked intelligence on terrorists from being shared with law enforcement.”

This omission came to light when Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., revealed in a June speech that a military intelligence group known as “Able Danger” had hijacker Mohammad Atta in its sights in 1999. Able Danger knew that Atta was a member of al-Qaida. Pentagon lawyers had decided not to turn the information over to the FBI.

In a piece headlined “Atta Boy, Democrats,” Ivestors Daily suggests:

“Maybe Oliver Stone can fit all this into his new movie on 9-11. Maybe the focus will shift from how George Bush could have prevented 9-11 in his eight months in office to what Bill Clinton failed to do in eight years. All this happened on his watch.

“And maybe, just maybe, the whiners who fight — on fears that swat teams will descend on public libraries — renewal of the Patriot Act to prevent the next Atta from flying a plane into a building, will just shut up, let us collect the dots and connect them.”

Don’t count on it.