As I pointed out yesterday, August is the Month of the Naked Lefties, what with new Washington Post fave, Bush-basher Periel Aschenbrand, disporting herself in the buff on the cover of her new book (see “It’s a Slow News Month–So Haul Out the Naked People,” Aug. 11). That followed on the heels of the anti-Bush “Breasts Not Bombs” march (Warning: Retch Alert!) in Berkeley a few weeks ago, featuring many, many naked people who were considerably less attractive than Ms. Aschenbrand.

Now, fellow blogstress Bookworm e-mails to remind us of yet another naked leftie: Syrian-born but America-dwelling artist Hala Faisal who decided to demonstrate her strong antipathy to the war in Iraq by parading around New York City?s Washington Square wearing nothing but some antiwar slogans painted on her skin. Bookworm comments:

“Is Ms. Faisal entirely unaware of the fact that, if she had engaged in this type of protest in Iraq or Palestine, she would have been either (a) ripped apart quickly by an angry mob; or (b) ripped apart slowly, and then hung or shot, by government officials?

“I never know whether to be amused or angered when the Left uses the freedom of the West to defend the tyrannies of the Middle East.”

I think laughter might be appropriate myself–if only so many others on the left didn?t take this sort of thing seriously.