In “A Bad Shift for the Court,” Washington Post columnist William Raspberry puts into words what so many on the left now hope:

“If you’re concerned about the rightward drift of the U.S. Supreme Court,” writes Raspberry, “you may be hoping — as I am — for a smoking-gun revelation that would disqualify John G. Roberts Jr.”

Leaving aside the fishing expedition for the smoking gun (sorry about the metaphor!), Raspberry has an argument against Roberts that is more revealing about Raspberry & Co. than Judge Roberts.

Raspberry asserts that the president should appoint to the Supreme Court a justice who is in the mainstream: I don’t know if this is the correct judicial philosophy, but I know what it says about Mr. Raspberry.

For Raspberry and his peers in the MSM cocoon, a nominee such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg was more representative of the mainstream than John Roberts.

Their mainstream isn’t the mainstream.