Wendy Shalit, author of the best-selling “A Return to Modesty,” has a new website for young women, Modesty Zone, and it’s right up our alley,  taking the position that decorum, ladylike dress, and monogamy are the true counterculture these days. Up on the witty, charmingly illustrated site right now are Wendy’s exclusive interviews with scourge-of-political-correctness David Horowitz and Rebbetzin Leah Feldman. And I like the site’s store, which features such items as a “shame” blusher and a big towel for wearing to the co-ed bathroom that your college dorm might force you to use.

But my favorite stops on Wendy’s site are her pages of “Unlikely Role Models.” One is Sarah Jessica Parker, slammed by Salon’s Stephanie Zacharek in 2003 (Salon Premium subscription or trolling through ads required) for “refusing to get naked” on “Sex in the City” and thus “spoil[ing] the delicate chemistry” created by Parker’s three less-inhibited costars. Zacharek wrote: “Of the four, Parker is the only one who routinely wears a bra or ‘bedsheet bandeau’ during love scenes. The unspoken message is, It’s OK for them to take their clothes off, but you won?t catch me doing it.”

Here’s Wendy’s riposte: 

Well, how dare Sarah Jessica Parker refuse to take off her clothes? I mean, what will be next? TV characters who refuse to sleep around? Get with the program, Sarah. These days, stars are expected to disrobe–or else. One can only hope she learned her lesson for her next show.

This is good stuff. And Wendy welcomes contributions–so sharpen your pencils and click to the site, girls!