George W. Bush is fortunate in his enemies–not only did he get to run against two of the worst candidates the Democrats could throw into two races,  he has driven the left so mad that they are embarking on theatre of the absurd as a form of political engagement.

Here are the two most egregious recent examples:

CINDY SHEEHAN–Yes, the Michael Moore crowd likes her. But most people think she?s a nutcase who believes she can use emotional blackmail to embarrass the president. My colleague Charlotte Allen has brilliantly chronicled the Sheehan circus (“Mother Sheehan and her Children” and “Mother of Re-invention”), showing what a major turnoff she is likely to be for normal Americans.

The NARAL DEBACLE–IWF has no opinion on abortion, but as supporters of a quick and dignified confirmation hearing for John Roberts, we owe our sisters in NARAL a debt of gratitude–their bizarre now-you-see-it-now-you-don?t ad accusing Roberts of supporting clinic violence is just about the greatest thing to happen for our side since Washington crossed the Delaware.

Cindy Sheehan may be a flash in the pan, but I think the NARAL blunder is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. Pro-Choice feminist Wendy McElroy comments on its long-term effects:

“Whatever the pro-life side does,” McElroy writes, “a good first step toward civil discussion would be for NARAL to apologize for its reprehensible ad…not just to Roberts and the pro-life movement but to the pro-choice advocates who have been equally smeared by its actions.”

Fat chance.