“Rhonda Winfield is, like Cindy Sheehan, a member of an exclusive club,” reports the Augusta Free Press.

“Both lost sons to the war in Iraq — Winfield losing Jason Redifer, 19, of Stuarts Draft, on Jan. 31 when the Humvee in which he was traveling in the Babil Province south of Baghdad ran over an improvised explosive device; Sheehan losing Casey Sheehan, 24, of Vacaville, Calif., who was killed in the midst of a series of grenade and small-arms-fire attacks on Sadr City on April 4, 2004.”

I don’t want to use Mrs. Winfield the way the left is using Mrs. Sheehan, but you should read what she has to say about her loss and what her son would say if he were alive to talk to President Bush (as reported by the Free Press):

“I believe he would have thanked the president for making the decision that he felt was the right decision, for having the courage to stand up and to send people to defend this country, and to thank him for our continued freedoms,” Winfield told The Augusta Free Press.

“I honestly believe that he would tell him, first of all, that he realized very quickly that no one can ever anticipate the horrors of war, and especially in a young, idealistic mind. And especially growing up in this country where we have believed that good will prevail over evil,” Winfield said.

“I think he would tell him that while he realized he was not prepared, and while he went there thinking that it was to protect our freedoms, that he realized that it was more of a twofold mission, because it was also for the protection of the Iraqis. And that he realized when he looked into the eyes of those children and saw hope, and you could see that there was hope for the first time in their lives and the lives of all of their relatives before them, that there was something even greater about the cause for going,” Winfield said.

Many thanks to the Democracy Project and Powerline for introducing me to Mrs. Winfield.