While googling around yesterday looking for Feministing.com–the grrl-power blog in which the grrls can always be counted on to mouth the tired rad-feminist cliches from the 1970s that their foremothers Steinem et al. have fed them–I came across the terrific parody-blog Feministing.org. Its motto: “Because women are never sexist. So there.” Its raison d’etre: “Feministing.org provides a platform for us to comment, analyze, whine about our unending victimization, and (best of all) COMPLAIN CEASELESSLY!”

Feministing.org is not for the linguistically squeamish–but in that respect it precisely mimics Feministing.com, whose grrls dish out the four-letter epithets like they went to the Cindy Sheehan School of Deportment. But it’s sidesplittingly funny.

My favorite current post on Feministing.org is “Memorable Wimmin of Herstory,” in which many tears are shed over the cheeky and transgressive gals of Hitler’s SS who failed to collect the comparable-worth pay that was due them from the sexist Nazi establishment. Here’s the entry on Juana Bormann, a concentration-camp guard who hit the glass ceiling:

“Juana joined the SS as a civilian employee in March of 1938. According to her, she did it because: ‘I could earn more money.’ You GO, grrl! Assert your financial independence! (But I bet she was paid 70 cents to the dollar. Doesn’t that just make you mad? Grrr!)

“When she worked at Bergen-Belsen, she was known as ‘The Woman With the Dogs’. She was probably a lover of animals or something.

“After World War 2, the male power-structure decided that Juana Bormann was way too badass for them to handle. She was found guilty of stepping outside her proper womanly place (so-called ‘war crimes’) and was punished by hanging.

“Yeah, sure. Blame the female. Just typical.”

By the way, over at Feministing.com, the latest of the gripes that never stop concerns our very own IWF’s essay contest for undergraduate women. Thanks for the free publicity, and for all the links, grrls.