Let’s face it–Cindy Sheehan, now back in Crawford after a whirlwind trip to check on her ailing mother–probably isn’t going to get to have coffee with President Bush any time soon, though George Will has a wickedly funny fantasy of their meeting:

“He: ‘Cream and sugar?’

“She: ‘Yes, please, filth-spewer.'”

Clifford May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, says that if the president isn’t eager to see her for a second time, he’d love to have Cindy visit him:

“Our meeting probably won’t get much publicity but I can promise you an interesting discussion. I’ll invite to join us some of the many Iraqi freedom fighters with whom I’ve been working for the past several years — many of them women — as well as democracy and human rights activists from Syria, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries. 

“You say you want to know, ‘What is the noble cause that my son died for?’ They would answer: Your son died fighting a war against an extremist movement intent on destroying free societies and replacing them with racist dictatorships.

“The Iraqis will want to tell you what life was like under Saddam Hussein — the mass murders of hundreds of thousands, the women and girls who were gang-raped by Saddam’s cronies, the creative forms of torture that were ignored by the ‘international community.’

“I know several Baghdadi businessmen whom Saddam suspected of disloyalty. He had their right hands amputated. Want to meet them? The doctors who were forced to perform these amputations are worth chatting with as well.”