Feminists are constantly complaining about harmless guy’s clubs — you know, the Augusta National golf tournament and other nefarious organizations — but refusing to recognize the real threat to the freedom of women: Islamic terrorism.

“Islamist terrorists have formed the last, great boy’s club,” writes Ralph Peters, “meeting in caves and warning girls to stay out — or, in the case of the 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, demanding that women be kept from his grave to avoid polluting it. Their vision offers women fewer rights by far than those enjoyed by the wives of the prophet Mohammed. They are women-hating sadists for whom faith is an excuse. Their fears are primal.”

As Peters notes, the war on terror — you know, the war that trendy liberals hate — is really a war for the liberation of women:

“The greatest social revolution in history is underway all around us: The emancipation of women. Advanced in our own society, elsewhere the battle for women’s rights lies at the heart of colossal struggles over the future of great religions and civilizations.

“The Washington establishment would shrink from any such claim, but the Global War on Terror is a fight over the social, economic and cultural roles of women. The core issues for the terrorists are the interpretation of God’s will and the continued oppression of women. Nothing so threatens Islamic extremists as the freedom Western women enjoy.”