Say it ain’t so, fashion mavens! But it is so: The latest manifestation of our elites’ fascination with radical Islam is “terrorism chic” (hat tip Dhimmi Watch, via Michelle Malkin). Yes, you, too can don a hooded sweatshirt-cum-face mask and blow up a subway train. Click here to find out what the well-dressed suicide bomber will be wearing this fall:

“‘Terror fashion’ is about to invade cities. The new French brand Anticon is launching a new concept of hooded sweatshirts. Graffiti artists, people with acne, snowboarders or simply superheroes would certainly be into them. To order your sweatshirt, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks but we wanted you to be first in the know. Definitely an eye-catching fashion statement!”

Accessorize with bomb in backpack. And don’t you love the idea of calling mass-murderers “superheroes”?