Remember when Arianna Huffington was a Republican? Well, I think all this liberal-Dem stuff of hers in recent years merely means she’s gone undercover. A fiendishly clever strategy–for here she is in her HuffPost advising her new pals among the Hollywood moneybags not to write checks to Hillary Clinton in her ’08 presidential bid (hat tip: Anchoress):

“Even though they backed both of Bill Clinton’s White House runs and Hillary’s Senate campaign, they’ve had enough of Hillary’s attempt to rebrand herself as a fence-straddling DLC Dem. They’re tired of the relentless strategic triangulating, the all-too-predictable attacks on video games (Sistah Soljah, meet Grand Theft Auto), the willingness to go along with President Bush’s missile defense fantasies (one of only six Dems to do so), and the endless photo-op-ready partnerships with the likes of Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.

“But most of all, they are put off by her bellicose support for the war in Iraq — which has, at times, left her sounding more like a White House shill than a viable opposition candidate.”

Indeed, Arianna’s rooting for “Crazy” Al Gore to make a bid for the ’08 Dem nomination (Ted Kennedy has also just outed himself as a Gore man–wait–he’s actually backing a different proven loser, “Botox” John Kerry).

Oh, Arianna, you devil, you! Keep up the good work.