As I’ve written before, nothing bugs me as much as hearing that the police can’t locate this or that sex offender.

Sex offenders belong in a place where they are easy to find: This place is called jail. Why people who do heinous things to children are allowed to walk the streets again is beyond me.

But maybe some public officials are beginning to realize this. Here is a press report on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s drive to get signatures to place an initiative on next year’s ballot that would toughen the laws regarding sex offenders: 

“We will send a very clear message to all the sexual predators out here, the cowards who want to victimize innocent Californians, that we will stop you, we will catch you and we will punish you,” Schwarzenegger said.

“The measure called Jessica’s Law after a package of similar laws being pursued around the nation following a case in Florida would require all paroled and newly registered sex offenders to wear a locator bracelet that would track their whereabouts at all times.

“It also would strengthen punishments for sex offenders, increase parole periods and toughen punishments for anyone convicted of using ‘date rape drugs’ or the Internet to lure children into sex crimes or pornography.”

Arnold, don’t bother to send these monsters “a message”-just lock them up and throw away the key.