An event of historic proportions has apparently taken place-the Iraqi people, who once again risked their lives to cast votes in a democratic election, seem to have approved that country’s constitution.

Although the MSM has been far less excited about this than Katrina, a story they perceive as a vehicle for moving the public left, they could not entirely avoid reporting scenes like this one of children playing in the surprisingly quiet streets on election day: 

“‘Do you want us to tell you something?’ asked Tamara Majeed, 11, when a visitor interrupted her friends as they sketched a chalk outline for tuki — a form of hopscotch — in the middle of a potholed street in Sadr City, a Shiite Muslim district of 2 million.

“Barely waiting for an answer, the group of schoolgirls in pigtails, bows and scarves burst into song.

“‘Let your vote revolt,’ their high voices sang in a made-for-the-day anthem learned recently in school. The song continued, referring to the former ruling party of Saddam Hussein: ‘Don’t let us down — don’t make me return to the Baathist grave.'”

These are the people the peace movement would abandon. 

This is a great moment for Iraq and for George W. Bush, the embattled president who on this difficult issue has never wavered.