As the good news about the Iraqi referendum sinks in (with us, not the mainstream media, which seemed to be trying to hide their disappointed at the quiet success of the voting), we can also note that beheadings and other bloodthirsty practices seem to be taking a toll on Muslim unity.  

Columnist Austin Bay writes:

“When Al-Qaida’s zealots blow up trains in Spain or subways in London, those are attacks of their choosing conducted on ‘infidel terrain.’ The genius of the war in Iraq is a brutal but necessary form of strategic judo: It brought the War on Terror into the heart of the Middle East and onto Arab Muslim turf. In Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s theo-fascists have been spilling Arab blood, and Al Jazeera has noticed that, too.

“Arabs have also seen the Iraqi people’s struggle and their emerging political alternative to despotism and feudal autocracy.
“Zarqawi’s murder spree has revealed fissures among Al-Qaida fanatics. Last week, the United States released a letter coalition intelligence believes Al-Qaida’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, sent to Zarqawi. Zawahiri describes Iraq as “the greatest battle for Islam in our era.” But Iraq has become a political and information battle that Zawahiri realizes Al-Qaida may be losing. According to The New York Times, Zawahiri told Zarqawi to attack Americans rather than Iraqi civilians and to ‘refrain from the kind of gruesome beheadings and other executions that have been posted on Al-Qaida websites. Those executions have been condemned in parts of the Muslim world as violating tenets of the faith.'”

We are winning-but you’d never know from what you see in the mainstream media.