Anybody out there harbor any doubts that the MSM would like to destroy the Bush administration? Read media reporter Howard Kurtz’s piece on how they behaved last week (and my post immedicately below):

 “The drumbeat of media speculation was so loud last week,” writes Kurtz, “that at times it sounded as though Karl Rove was on the verge of being thrown in the slammer. ‘Is the man some call Bush’s brain about to be indicted?’ CNN anchor Heidi Collins asked Thursday night. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked whether Rove and Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby might receive a presidential pardon ‘if they get indicted.’

“Now that an indictment has reached the highest level of the White House for the first time since Watergate, journalists face a minefield of potentially explosive questions: Are they enjoying a bit too much the spectacle of Libby, Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, having to resign over the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice? What happened to the normal journalistic skepticism toward a single-minded special prosecutor, as was on display when Ken Starr was pursuing Bill Clinton?”

The indictment of Libby transformed Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald into a media hero:

“The hostility directed at Patrick Fitzgerald when he was threatening reporters with jail seems to have faded now that his targets are senior aides to President Bush,” notes Kurtz. “Perhaps most important, are reporters, commentators, bloggers and partisans using the outing of Valerie Plame as a proxy war for rehashing the decision to invade Iraq? The vitriol directed at New York Times reporter Judith Miller, whether deserved or not, seems motivated as much by her role in touting the administration’s erroneous WMD claims as in her decision to be jailed, at least for a time, to protect Libby. …

“In short, the leak prosecution is shaping up as a test of media fairness and responsibility in a polarizing age when many people on the left and right think the news business is hopelessly biased.”

Test of media fairness? In the last paragraph below, I mention one report over the weekend that clearly got an F.