Senator Barbara Boxer’s new political thriller, “A Time to Run,” written with Mary-Rose Hayes (no kin to me!), apparently has a heroine who is a lot like…Barbara Boxer.

The heroine of the California Democrat’s novel is “a plucky [female] senator from California, winds up defeating [a Republican Supreme Court] nomination.” According to liberal blogger Wonkette’s New York Times review, “the president’s selection is a tight-lipped, right-wing ideologue; the Democrats are certain she will ‘help turn back the clock’ on court decisions. With a Republican majority, a confirmation looks all but certain.”

The character’s name is Ellen Fischer. “How [she] succeeds is a secret worth keeping – though hopeful Democrats need not rush to the bookstores for strategic advice: Fischer’s tactics are too far-fetched to be of much use beyond the hectically imagined pages of ‘A Time to Run.'”

Too far-fetched? Don’t be too sure. We’re waiting to watch Fischer/Boxer in action when the Alito hearings take place in January!