Here is a fun book to take in while you wait for your pumpkin pie to come out of the oven next Thursday: Peter Schweizer’s “Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy.” And I’m not just recommending it because author Schweizer and I have shared the same editor over the years, the percipient Adam Bellow. This book’s a hoot, and a read as quick as it’s informative, at 258 pages.

All the usual hypocrites are in the book for your delectation:: Gloria Steinem railing against supposedly oppressive marriage and then getting married, Al Franken’s entanglement with the charitable funds-diverting Air America, George Soros’s bizarre combination of cutthroat capitalism and advocacy of far-left socialism. Barbra Streisand, as might be expected, has her very own chapter.

But there is also much, much more. I especially enjoyed the chapter on Michael Moore, who claims not to own “a single share of stock” in wicked corporate America but actually owns hundreds of them, including shares in the arch-villainous Halliburton Co. We read that Hillary Clinton adamantly opposes parental notification for teen-agers’ abortions but when she got notice that 13-year-old Chelsea wanted to get her ears pierced, put her foot down. And I loved the chapters on Ralph Nader, who discouraged his staff members from getting married because they would then work shorter hours and want more pay, and on unon-booster Nancy Pelosi, whose many businesses and real estate ventures she owns with her husband are strictly non-union.

A read guaranteed to ease Thanksgiving stress.