The Vietnam analogy never worked for Iraq, but-suddenly and tragically-it does.

It applies because the Senate in attempting to set a deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq is doing the same thing it did in 1974.

As Tony Blankley writes:
“Now another Republican president has grown weak and struggles to hold on to his war-making powers. I am heartened that President Bush is finally fighting back. He should veto any bill that would grant Congress even a syllable of war-fighting strategy. Mr. President, don’t believe a word of their legislative prose. They have defeat in their hearts, and they mean you ill. Stand and fight with veto pen and executive order in hand. Rally with defiant words those of us who would yet be your honored supporters. Let the long suffering people of Iraq know that you will fight furiously for their redemption, and will be deaf to the impleadings of the weak and defeatist here in America. 
 “Two national betrayals in 20 years is too much for the heart of the nation to take. Send more troops, not less. Victory may yet be ours.”