Grown-up author Myrna Blythe has had enough of Maureen Dowd:

“Yet whenever I see Maureen on TV, that wonderful old English phrase ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ pops into my mind. And, note to her stylist: That little shell she was wearing under her jacket on Chris Matthews was much too tight. It pulled so much it made her look round-shouldered!

“We know from that adoring cover story in New York magazine a few weeks back that Maureen favors green cowboy boots, a pink Burberry – and lots of lame. That story also confided that Maureen is just such a ‘fox,’ an assertion that was somewhat belied by the photos, both old and current, accompanying the feature. The truth is that she is now a woman in her 50s who looks like an attractive woman in her 50s. Except for her forehead, which is age 27 and so smooth (I wonder, how come?) that it seems she wouldn’t be able to frown even if Gloria Steinem hit her over the head with a frying pan.

“But it isn’t only that this 53-year-old mutton is shopping in the wrong boutiques; what’s really striking is that Maureen acts so lamb-like in these interviews, gamboling and simpering, giggling and flirting and telling everyone she is “such a ditz.” To the New York magazine reporter, she admitted that she is always losing cell phones and laptops – just the kind of behavior a mother would find intolerable in any child older than 16. …

“Demographers say that since we all live so much longer these days it takes us all longer to grow up. And that certainly seems true. But it is surprising that the most prominent woman at the ‘paper of record’ isn’t satisfied that today 50 is the new 30. She’s getting a lot of attention behaving like it is the new17.”