Oh dear–more on the “new monnogamy,” the latest degenerate trend in Manhattan, in which spouses stay faithful until death do them part–except maybe on Friday night, which is designated fooling-around time. The Other Charlotte reported on this oh-so-hip permutation on matrimony, and in the Mailbag for Nov. 21, I commented:

“I’m proud to be married to a man who would tear into tiny pieces–with his bare hands–any guy who decided that some ‘new monogamy’ with me was just what the doctor ordered.”

T.W. e-mails:

“How insulting! In the event of extramarital shennanigans, shouldn’t it be you that he rips to pieces with his bare hands? Wouldn’t it be your decision? Wouldn’t it be you that would be breaking your vows?

“The whole attitude of holding the other man/woman responsible for spousal infidelity rather than one’s own spouse has always struck me as demeaning. Nobody can ‘steal’ someone away who doesn’t want to be stolen. Unless one really does believe that one own’s spouse is a helpless twit incapable making such decisions on his or her own. And I, for one, would never marry someone who I felt that little respect for.”

“Demeaning” to whom, T.W.? My husband isn’t a hypothetical entity who “should” or “shouldn’t” do this or that. He’s a red-blooded guy who, like all other red-blooded guys, has a natural instinct to drive away with a stick all competitors for his woman. Blame Darwin, or blame Intelligent Design. It might be more politically correct for him to tear me to pieces instead, out of “respect” for my “decision,” but I’m sort of glad he’s the way he is.

And we received this lovely Thanksgiving note from fellow winger-blogstress Bookworm Room:

“I’m listing in my mind all the things for which I give thanks today. Running through that mental list made me realize that your blog, which I check daily, is one of the things for which I give thanks. I always enjoy the links you find and the commentary you add to those links. I’m also invariably flattered by your kind references to my own blog. So, for your blog, I give thanks.”

And we’re grateful to you for your blog, Bookworm.