NBC’s Brian Williams gave the economic news last night, noting that “some” of it was very good. In fact, it was overwhelmingly good–the economy is humming along.

Even though the evil George Bush is in the White House, the Washington Post was forced to admit that the “U.S. economy expanded rapidly in the summer and early fall, despite the devastation and disruption of the Gulf Coast hurricanes, the government reported yesterday, significantly boosting its earlier growth estimate.” (This welcome news was reported on Page D 1, A 1, apparently being reserved for news that is unflattering to the President.)

Instapundit noted a great observation from Mickey Kaus on the New York Times’ sophisticated economic coverage: “It’s indeed deeply disturbing to learn that higher gas prices have held down demand, causing those prices to fall back to a level at which demand begins to rise again! It’s almost as if some insidious law was at work–as prices rise, demand declines! As supply increases, prices fall! You can’t win!”