John Leo’s got a blog! (Hat tip for the hot tip to The Anchoress.) Click here to read U.S. News’s resident winger’s take on the Media Elite’s habit of running ugly and unflattering photos of those they dislike. The latest target: National Review founder William F. Buckley:

“At 80, Bill Buckley is still a good-looking guy, but not on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. In a recent cover photo, a huge close-up of Buckley’s head featured a three-day stubble, a haggard face, and closed eyes, presumably because the photographer and/or editor preferred that deceased homeless look. This tends to happen a lot in pictures of disfavored personalities. A Time magazine cover shot of Ann Coulter, shot from the floor, made her look like a gigantic pair of legs, with a tiny head on top like a cherry on a sundae. In October, Condoleezza Rice appeared in a photo on the USA Today Web site with scary, cat-like eyes. Veteran users of Photoshop said it could not have happened in a well-meant attempt to sharpen the picture-the photo had been manipulated, making Rice appear demonic.

“The prize for least sophisticated tampering with a photo goes to the CNN employee who placed a large X over the image of Vice President Cheney.”

Yes, we’re waiting for the real close-up and personal of Michael Moore. The double chin, the slit-eyes, the chin-stubble like bristles on a hog’s back. But we’re not keeping our fingers crossed.