The Other Charlotte has an excellent post (“What? There Really Is a War Against Boys”) on the therapist who discovered that boys and girls are different and lived to tell the tale-in the Washington Post (“Disappearing Act: Where Have the Men Gone? No Place Good.”)

The piece TOC noted is about the comparative paucity of men at U.S. colleges-girls are taking over the campus (with terrible consequences for men-read the article). 

AS TOC pointed out, the Post piece, said something we at the IWF have been saying a long time. The notion that boys and girls learn differently seems to be gaining currency. Just today there is a piece in the Kansas City Star:

“Talk of sex differences can ignite arguments in these gender-neutral times. But growing numbers of experts say society must face some politically incorrect realities:

“That males and females, on average, show differences in learning skills – differences that may be hard-wired. And the evidence is compelling enough that schools rooted in equal treatment should rewrite their manuals to keep more boys engaged.
“Take Dick’s brain.

“At age 12 it’s three times more likely than Jane’s to misfire enough to be medicated for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. One out of 11 American boys that age downed medicine for the condition in 2003. That’s 200,000 12-year-olds – many of whom truly need the calming, while others reflect a culture of too much calming.

“Surveys also show boys landing the bulk of school suspensions. They bring home roughly 70 percent of the D’s and F’s, according to national data and the local Kauffman Teen Survey.

“Certainly, lots of boys shine. Lots of girls don’t. But boys as a group have long puzzled teachers and parents by crowding into two opposing camps – overachievers or discipline cases that may end up as dropouts.

“Researchers say more mysteries than answers exist. But a surge of findings, aided by advances in brain imaging, is spurring changes many hope can enhance boys’ schooling.”
Is it time for a re-evaluation of the tenets of radical feminism, or what?