If you don’t say it, they won’t hear it.

The opponents of the Iraq war have for too long been the only voices heard.

But now the President is making the case-he gave an excellent speech Wednesday. No doubt, the media will dismiss it. But no matter, he’s saying it loud and clear.

And there are signs that people are hearing it. Mickey Kaus sees an uptick in the polls.

 “Pssst: Don’t look now–Bush seems to be reviving among the robots. … See also: RCP’s pollpage, where he’s 4 out of 4 above 40%, a less-bad trend noticed by Charlie Cook of National Journal in his e-mailed “Off to the Races” column and analyzed more fully by Mystery Pollster (who even commissions a special robot-highlighting graph). … P.S.: It’s ‘too soon to say with certainty.’ But not too soon to blog!”